Martian Middle School Dance

I finally got around to adding Martian Middle School Dance to the games page! A bunch of people have asked me for the story behind the game, so here it is: spring was hitting Chicago on a Saturday and I decided to take a bike ride. I picked a coffee shop as my destination and enjoyed a nice cold brewed coffee. While I was sitting there, Crazy by K-Ci and JoJo started playing in the shop. I'm pretty sure that before that day I hadn't heard Crazy since very early high school during a dance. I had some serious flashbacks and I couldn't stop thinking about what a funny experience middle school and high school dances are. From there I started thinking about how funny it would be for Crazy to be in a game. I rode home and started working on the putting together assets for the dance scene. The original idea was that I wanted to finish the game in a single day as a joke; just have the song playing with middle schoolers saying something funny. However, I loved the concept and building the game so much that I slowly started adding more and more stuff. The main influence of the direction the game took was definitely Diego Garcia's Ultimate Flirt Off. From that initial day I just worked on it for a while with no clear end goal. The initial commit was March 26, and the final commit was April 22.

The game was released on April 23rd, and the reception way exceeded any expectations I didn't have. The game was on, Gameological Society, Rock Paper Shotgun, PunkArcade, and there are a bunch of let's plays on youtube. It's even listed on a site that says how long it takes to beat games, which is probably my favorite.

Anyways, I mostly want to thank everyone who played it! Special thanks to the Indie City Games meetup that took place the Saturday before I released and everyone who played it there. I probably wouldn't have released it if people hadn't enjoyed it there!

It was so fun connecting with people over the strange event that is a middle school dance. I'm working on something new that I will start talking about soon!