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7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before My First GDC

You will be overwhelmed

There are thousands of things to do at GDC. There are talks (if you’re lucky enough to have a conference pass), the expo show floor, parties at night, sitting in the park with developers, meals with others, trying to keep up with what people are doing via Twitter, and more. And most of the time these events overlap so that you have to pick between doing one of five things.

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Creating Towards The Unknowable

My favorite scenes in Gerhard Richter Painting capture him in his studio. He'll stand back to survey an enormous canvas, and then drag enormous paint-covered squeegee across its surface.

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Dudeski Releases on Android!

Our game Dudeski was released on Android today after being released on iOS in March of 2014. It's an arcade skiing adventure that reviewed well and got a really nice article in the New Yorker. The biggest difference in the Android version is that it's free with ads instead of $1.99 up front. Why are we releasing our game for free?

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