Should You Attend A Developer Bootcamp?

A lot of people have asked me what I thought about developer bootcamps, whether it's Mobile Makers, Starter League, or another program. Here is a slightly edited e-mail response I sent to someone who was considering attending a bootcamp.

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My Favorite Things From PAX 2014

I didn't show anything at PAX Prime, so I had a lot of time to check out lots of cool games. Here are my favorite things I remember experiencing this year!

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Hating Android Driven Development (HADD)

When I first started working on The Shakedown for Android I kept circling back to a thought. "Who cares if it's bad! These are Android users! They asked for it!" At first I thought it was funny. But after a while I noticed that with that thought came physical anger (clenched teeth, furrowed brow, etc.).

Before I released it I would joke a lot about how bad the Android version was. Then I sent out the first barely-functional build. Brice, a friend who had offered to help test, downloaded the build. He sarcastically joked that the app made him "feel loved." Of course the exact opposite was true – my antipathy towards Android showed itself very clearly in the app. No one had been there there to tell me "this isn't good enough" and I had justified that decision with anger.

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Source Control For Game Developers (Mac Edition)

After working with source control for a while it's become the indispensable core of my workflow. No matter what game engine or tools I'm using I'm backing everything up and managing my project with source control.

However, setting up source control is very intimidating. The following is a guide on how to get a basic source control workflow working on Mac.

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